Suicide while contained by BCT. Life insurance still pays?

I know someone who's a friend of a friend who committed suicide while in active duty army contained by Iraq and his family received 400k Servicemembers Group Life Insurance.

What I'm wondering is, if someone commits suicide during basic training, does his familial still get the life insurance money?
SGLI does not cover suicides. Nor does most life insurance companies I know. So I don't know how his family unit got paid. I've hear of soldiers killed in combat who's family didn't get paid on a technicality. Source(s): Army Scout
ive known 3 soldiers who've committed suicide: ALL three of their families get paid.

as long as it is within restrained doubt that that person commited suicide BECAUSE of the military or their service in the military, their line will get paid.
Yes. They would still win paid if he committed suicide.

With all due respect Rawbert, show me where on earth it says they DON'T pay for suicides. It say clear as day what they don't pay for within the pink box that mentions not paying for treason, desertion, etc. Source(s):…
Most insurance companies will not pay for suicides...

by AD, show me exactly where it say they will pay for suicide Source(s): U.S.Army Disabled Veteran
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The military doesn't enjoy any insurance policy, it is called the US Treasury, thats who pays when you die. If you are in polite standing (i.e. not a deserter or comitting a felony) when you die the military pays regardless.
I don't believe the organization will pay out either mode.

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