Does have a coupe or a sedan affect your insurance rates?

I'm going to get a new coup¨¦, and realy want a coupe, but I heard that insurance cost more because is more sporty. Can anyone help.
safety ratings of coupes were smaller amount than sedans in the past, but today some coupes in actual fact have a higher rating. Do your homework in the past you buy a car, and ask your agent for a quote on a few cars you might be interested in buying.
When it comes to insurance there are oodles factors that will affect you insurance rate. Your age for one. The year of the car. If you insurance company classifies the saloon as sporty. Generally a coupe will be considered sporty. Like the Pontiac G6 or the Nissan Altima the coupe is more expensive to buy and to insure. However with my insurance a 1987 4 door camry and a 1994 corvette only ebb and flow $2.00 (two dollars) a month. It is best to call around insurance companies are generally friendly.
Believe or not, insurance companies really don't care how nippy or sporty your car is, if it's a 2 door or 4 door, or even the color.
What they do care in the order of is how much is would cost them to repair the car and how often this type of saloon is involved in an accident. So if the coupe is within more accidents and it cost more to repair, you can expect it to be more expensive to insure.
As for your question Coupe vs. Sedan, it really depends on the specific model and the insurance company. Source(s): Insurance Agent
usually coupes own higher insurance because they are "sports" cars because of having single two doors no matter how slow the car is
Usually two doors enjoy higher insurance charges.
Why guess? Call your insurance company and get the exact quote. Who know maybe for the vehicle you want there is little or no difference.
not usually
yes. If you own a coupe, convertable, or a car of certain colors close to red, your insurance will be more expensive. The reason being, they are considered to be more of a liability than sedans of independent colors like beige. Source(s): my own experience next to car insurance
check near your insurance agent -they offer many different types of discounts depending on the safekeeping features of a vehicle.
It really shouldn't but really within shouldn't be. Source(s): i live in
Coupe's usually boost up the price a short time more. I had a coupe and now a sedan. The Mazda 3 is sporty and doesn't affect the insurance any. That's what I have now. =]

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