Will my Homeowners Insurance cover a condemned house?

House is falling and inspector has condemned it.
why not?
I had a client whose house be declared uninhabitable due to a small earthquake, his insurance paid his coverage and he was competent to rebuild, on the same lot, lone in a line sour the earthquake line
Technically, yes an insurance policy could cover a condemned house. However, most insurance companies will not touch this. If you could even find an insurance company that will cover it, it is not likely going to cover much (if you're lucky they will cover the current bread value of the house). It's also not likely to be cheap. Don't expect to find a great bargain.
Not enough information.

See, if you have a homeowners policy on the house, and there was a fire, and as a result of that fire, the next of kin of the house started falling, AND you had "building ordinance or law" coverage on your policy, and the house was condemned (or even if it wasn't falling, but be condemned because a certain percentage was destroyed), later yes, it would be covered.

But if you just have a really behind the times, neglected, unmainted house that's falling apart, and nothing HAPPENED to it besides gravity, then it's not sudden or involuntary or unexpected, even - and it's not covered.

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