If I get hurt at someones house am I covered below their homeowners insurance?

I Got hurt at someones house need to see a doctor what do I do?
I have insurance through college, but since its summer and I'm not a full time student the insurance doesn't kick in until August again.

On Sunday I be a someone house and their swing set collapsed and the top bars that hold it together hit me in the chief.
I had to go to the ER, and seize 7 stitches & Catscans.
On Wednesday I'm supposed to get them removed. They assured me that they were going to report the claim to their homeowners insurance I hold been waiting for 5 days and they still haven't opened up a claim. are they liable for this?
What am I supposed to do? And the hospital is calling me to clutch care of my bill.
yes, that situation is covered below their insurance. If they have it. If they won't call it surrounded by, try to find out what company they have and you can call it within yourself.
You have to front the money for your medical costs. Do not make the mistake of thinking you don't requirement to pay the medical bills because "it wasn't your fault."

You can ask the homeowner's insurer to reimburse you. If the insurer will not do so, your lone option is to sue the homeowner.

What was a college student (an alleged adult) doing on a home swingset anyway?
As long as you are not a resident of the household, you will qualify for coverage beneath the homeowners Medical Payments coverage. In my area, it's about 5000. Medical Payments coverage applies regardless of glitch. So it does not matter if the homeowner was slack. Med Pay pays for medical bills. It does not pay "pain and suffering" nor does it payment lost wages.

In order to collect under the liability coverage the homeowner have to be negligent. And that negligence has to be the proximate exact of your injury. If the liability coverage applies, it pays for "pain and suffering" and "lost wages". The insurance company will do an investigation to determine if this coverage applies. They will inspect the swing and get a statement from you and any other fully fledged that was present.

In the mean time, nickname the hospital and set up a payment plan with them. Tell them you are pursuing the homeowners insurance but will transport them 50 -100 per month until the bill is paid in full. They won't similar to it, but as long as you send them money every month - even if they don't send you a bill- they will usually not report it to your credit or sue you. Source(s): Insurance Adjuster 12 years
Their Home Owners Liability should take care of your calamity, that is if they carry it! Find out who they own insurance with and make the claim yourself. Be sure you hold your doctor and ER visit results and give "copies" to the insurance company, keeping the original for your use and keep them! You may have to pocket the home owners to court to pay for your bills. It is clearly their responisbility. But try the homeowners insurance company first. Keep a record of adjectives dates and times you talk to the homeowners or attempt to make conversation to them. I can't stress enough the importance of this! Source(s): Worked as a licensed customer service rep for Allstate for 10 years.
You should be covered by the owners home owner insurance. If you have not be contacted by the insurance company most likely they have not reported the incident. Check wager on with the owners and give them your home and cell phone numbers. Insurance companies will usually take in touch with you inside 48 hours after an accident. Ask them if they want you to send them the hospital bills so that they can help yourself to care of it or give it over to their insurance delivery service.

People are often are reluctant to report accidents because they hope that you will merely go away and are afraid that a claim will cause their rates to budge up.

Homeowner liability claims under $10,000 are rarely ever contested by insurance carrier no matter who is at fault because the cost of a trial defense costs the company a minimum of about $15,000. If you have to sue the homeowner, sue surrounded by Superior Court for at least $25,000 for negligence, the injury, medical bills, and pain and suffering. Then settle for a slighter amount. You should be able to get you medical bills rewarded for no matter if you or were not at shortcoming.
You move about see the doctor.

There *might* be a small amount of medical payments coverage that you'd be entitled to - somewhere between $250 and $1,000 that's used for medical bills only.

You're not going to get anything BESIDES medical bills, unless you prove the homeowner is lax. You will have to sue.

You have to transport care of the bill, and then hope the homeowners will foot some medical payments.

But I'd seriously question someone who is apparently an adult - you - goofing around on a swing set. You clearly weigh satisfactory, to cause it to collapse. If common sense say you shouldn't have been doing doesn`t matter what on it, you're not going to win that lawsuit.

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