Furnace wishes replacing, will homeowner's insurance cover it?

My mother in law's furnace went out the coldest daylight of the year, will homeowner's insurance cover the 3200$ + it will cost to replace it? State Farm is the insurer.
I'm so sorry. No it probably will not unless it be damaged by a fire or flood or your roof collapsed onto it or something to that effect. Most furnace places will let you do payments.
Of course it will not cover it. A furnace which breaks or wears out isn't an insurance issue. That's a upkeep issue for the homeowner. Your insurance is there to cover accidental damages.
No, that's a maintenance item. Mechanical breakdown is not covered.

Part of owning a house, includes maintaining it - replacing stuff as it get old, breaks down, and wears out. Source(s): agent, 21+ years
NO it will not!! That is regular running and she will be responsible for having it replaced!
No. However, how old is it? It MIGHT own some warranty life left on it which could result surrounded by a discount on a new one.
If not, then see if you can procure the most energy efficient model so that in that could be a tax credit for that which will help near the sting.
She might also qualify for a senior citizen discount (many places say senior is 55 and up).
Call around and see if something like that works. I've also see deals (was AC but I live in the desert) where on earth Home Depot gave qualified folks 12 months NO interest charge and to pay the bill off--that help as well. HOWEVER you must be able to income in full on time or you'll owe interest and it will be dejected rate of interest.
Good luck.
(Oh and NO homeowner's would cover this. Nothing to do with State Farm.
You might consider a home warranty program like American Home Shield. It's NOT insurance per se, but they will transport a qualified person out for $55 AND if there is a slighter problem (broken thermostat, fuse, etc.) will probably end up repairing for no charge. If it just wore out--old age--or be NOT maintained correctly they won't cover that. No one would--you invalidate warranties after too.)
It depends on what cause the furnace to go out.

If it went out because it's matured - then no. Homeowners insurance will not pay.

If it go out because it was struck by lighting - then depending on your policy, at hand may be coverage. Source(s): Insurance Adjuster 12 years
No. Not unless it was destroyed by fire or luck of some kind. Otherwise it is homeowner maintenance and repair.
If it go out because it is just too old to work, later insurance won't cover it.

(State Farm fights every claim anyways.)

Good luck.
Sorry; it won't. The furnace had to be damaged as a result of a covered peril. Wear and slit is not covered under your policy. I am in like peas in a pod predicament. I will need a new furnace in a year according to my oil company. What a horrible expense! Source(s): Retired claims adjuster

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