How much is homeowners insurance for 200k property?

Answers: Where do you live? What kind of home do you live within? What is it made of (brick, frame, etc)? What kind of coverage do you want? The only agency you are going to find an answer to this questions is pick up a phone and call an insurance agent within your area. Make him or her talk near you and explain to you what coverage they are offering. Ask if you need flood. Also get him or her to quote you energy insurance, just in valise. Some companies give discounts if you have your sports car and life with them. Others factor your age, if you smoke. Some distribute discounts if you are in the service. Yes the other person is right, some companies check credit, adjectives of the above factors in the cost of your home insurance. Just give the name, and don't stop with one, call several and trade name sure they have an A or better rating with the best company. Source(s): Have be an insurance agent for over 30 years.
It depends on where on earth you are, your credit, (yes, insurance companies look at your credit), past claims, if any, on the home, etc.
Anywhere from $400 - $600 per year, depending on your deductible.
It depends on where you live. Your best bet will be to call some local insurance agents and ask for a rate.
No idea. It's going to matter how much the house costs to redo, construction type, how far it is from a fire hydrant, city, state, is it coastal?, claims history for both you and the house, AND YOUR CREDIT SCORE.

The range could be anywhere from $400 a year to $7,000 a year. Fat lot of good that scale does you, but I bet I'm right - it will be SOMEWHERE between those numbers.

You're going to have to get a REAL quote from a local agent. Source(s): agent, 21+ years

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