Has anyone hear of your homeowner's insurance going up if you own a pittbull?

I rescued a female pittbull, not knowing she was pregnant. I am presently trying to find good homes for them so I posted a notice on a yahoo group site and be contacted by a member who asked me if I was aware that anyone who adopt a puppy would have a higher home owners insurance rate. Has anyone hear of this?
Yes, to be precise common if you own a pit bull, chow chow, german shepherd, or any other dog breed that they have on their "aggressive or possibly dangerous" document.

Another thing to watch for is home owners associations (HOAs). Some HOAs forbid members from having correct dog breeds (or they may limit the number of pets as well; the city may allow you to own 3 dogs, but your HOA may say you can only hold 2).
Yes it does.

There are actually a few other breeds it will go up also. They are considered "dangerous"
That is the case, cities around the US are passing breed specific legislation veto and encumbering our rights as pet owners. Some are even requiring us to pay outrageous license fees & additional insurance policies to keep our dogs. It's politics at it's worse!

Yes it does step up. Call your insurance company and get the straight facts.
I know that surrounded by many states including Georgia, you must have at lowest $10,000.00 worth of insurance on Pitbulls, Rottweilers,and Dobermans. Just in case they bite someone.
Don't post a "Beware of Dog" sign. That is saying that you know the dog is treacherous is can cause you a lawsuit if someone does get hurt. My ins. agent told me that. We have Dobermans and it didn't effect our insurance that I am aware of. However, wouldn't that be a safeguard against break ins??
Yup! Lots of insurance companies are dropping policies because of what they consider "In home liabilities". A dog that they think is a risk to bite or be aggressive can be a aim to raise rates or drop a policy. They put Staff Terriers (including "Pit Bulls"), Dobermans, Rottweilers, etc. all within the same class... dangerous to hold on to. Even if you have the sweetest, most obedient dog you've ever see... they are "breed phobic".
But don't give up looking for good homes for your pups. Make sure they will shift to an owner that will socialize, train and love them. A dedicated owner will negotiate and work with any issues that come up.
Yes, unhappily, it does go up considerably. Some insurance companies even refuse to insure population who own pit bulls and rotties. The company I'm with charges 35 percent more than normal rates.
This is not true for all insurance carriers, and contained by all locations.

As a pit owner, I did get some grief from one insurance company, but I did not hold any issues with the other 3 I called.

When I asked the company that did make a contribution me problems why, they said it was a 'large dog' increase, and that it was NOT pitbull specific.

But i'm within NJ, and breed specific legislation is illegal here... Your state may be different.

Regardless, ring up a few places, act like a contemporary homeowner, and see what they say...
Going up? Some homeowners ins. companies will either drop you or deny you coverage!
Yep sure have! German Shephards, Rotts and Chows are also in this group. I own a chow and German Shepherd and be told by my insurance that I would have to get rid of the dogs or pay packet higher due to liability! Of course I didn't get rid of my pups newly told them I did.
yes i hold and some companies are refusing to insure at all if you own a pit bull or any other dog to be exact deemed dangerous . I know my friend have one and her husband wants her to give it away because they cannot seize coverage where we live or if they do it is so high they cannot afford it . perfect luck .
yes cause within listed Even more dangerous exact finding more people fighting them n breeding the gunfighter n the pups r more aggressive. whats sucks about all of they r awfully good dogs very loving n populace get a kick out of making them miserable 4 the one that have pits they r making much harder to own one
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yes and they can cancel your insurance too. some breeds are basically too high of a risk for them.
Yes, definately. Your insurance will go up as you in a minute have to be insured if your dog gets out of your house or courtyard and bites someone and they sue. Depending on the breed of the dog (pitbulls being thought of as a more dangerous, mutinous breed), your insurance will go up higher.

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