Pitbull and homeowners insurance?

My insurance company is threating to drop me because I own a bully....can they really do this is there anyway to fight this?
Yes they can do it. You will find possession of aggressive breeds a common insurance exclusion.
It happens all of the time and nearby is zero way to exchange blows it. You might have the most wonderful and sweetest dog on the the planet. But the potential for liability and having a armour prosecuted successfully is super high. Just the mention of a Pitt in court and the defendant loses.

The insurance company may choose to drop you justifiably. You may choose to up your rates but they may later choose to deny the claim.... it is a Pitt.

I appreciate dogs of all kind. But you have a choice to make. If you return with dropped insurance with another company will be tremendous even for straight up home owners insurance. If you add a rider to your current one..... smaller number but still costly.

If you have and are willing to spend much so be it.

very few companies will insure you if you have a pitbull or similar aggressive dog. Too heaps claims.
Yes, they can. Check your policy - at hand is probably something in there roughly it. If there is something in the policy, consequently there is nothing you can do to combat it. Sorry!
Oh yes they can. I have a doberman and was threatened with impossible to tell apart thing. Ended up taking an umbrella policy, costs 275 a year. That satisfied my homeowners ins. company. There is a adjectives list of dogs on the no no list
Yep. And nope.
But there are companies (State Farm, Farmers, Allstate) who do not exclude dogs, any type, as long as they don't hold a bite history or are viscous.
Yes, they can do this. No, there's no course to fight it, unless you call your state insurance department and ask.

If you acquire the dog after the policy was originally written, they can cancel for "increase surrounded by hazard". If you had the dog before the policy be written, and didn't list them on the application, it's "material misrepresentation". Either one, will allow the insurance company to nullify the policy.

Foremost insurance (www.foremost.com) is the ONLY insurance company I know, that will write a homeowners with a pitt bull. AND, you have to sign stale on the liabiltiy - so dog bites aren't going to be covered.
Absolutely they can

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