Home insurance cover rottweiler?

My husband bought a rottweiler and Ive heard stories that you can not be covered for home insurance because of the type of dog it is? Any one know for sure?
As it have been stated, it depends. Definitely call your carter and double check. Also, with any pet, make sure they are properly trained and you shouldn't involve worry.
I heard Geico will cover you, most won't. I know that when I got home owners insurance they asked if I owned a dog and what breed, or if they be considered a "high risk" breed. I have State Farm. Most companies they will insure your home but not your dog, so if your dog bites someone your dog will not be covered.

A friend at the dog park have 4 rotties, Geico covered him dogs and all.
I know *MY* homeowners insurance will not cover me if I have a rott, a dob, G. shep, pit, and a few of the other bully breeds. But I don't know give or take a few *YOUR* homeowners insurance. You'll have to call them and ask.
Depends on what the laws are where on earth you live.

I have state farm, and earlier taking the policy, I asked the agent if there were restrictions on the breed of dog that I hold. The only question in relation to dogs on the questionnaire, is How many dogs? and Has this dog ever bitten anyone?

Thats it.
You can call your Agent and ask if the Insurance shipper you are with has any restrictions on any dogs. A lot of Companies will not allow Home Owner Insurance beside Rottweilers and several other breeds.

Your Agent may have to change your Insurance Carrier which could also affect your Auto policy losing the home discount. Some carrier will allow different breeds if the dog has done and passed the Canine Good Citizen. You will have to draw from the exact information from your Agent, it varies from State to State and between each Insurance Company.

Other dog breeds that Insurance Companies deem to be aggressive are: Akita, Doberman, Presa Canerio, Malamute, Husky, German Shepherd, Pit Bull, American Staffordshire Terrier, nearby may also be more breeds.

This is not my opinion (I don't necessarily agree with the list) but put together by Insurance Companies.

Good luck getting the coverage you stipulation. Source(s): Insurance specialist
adjectives insurance carriers are different and have different list of "high risk" dogs. I live in Michigan, and while my friend have a Rott, she is insured, but her premium is a little higher for it.
It depends on your carrier, you must check next to them.
homeinsurance.awardspace.us - try this one. Got my home insurance from them. As I know they provide such a service.
From experience ... no.... most ins companies will NOT cover rotts... and if they do they are very expensive. Some companies will grant you a discount however if the dog has gone to obedience institution and has a cert of completion!! Good luck !!
But remember.... rotts are awesome dogs and I know he's worth the hassle !! Source(s): 26 yrs pet professional

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