I want to notify my neighbor's insurance company that they do not keep going their home. How do I contact them?

My neighbor has water ruin to the outside of her home and big notches in the wood paneling, and also an unpainted home. I want her to do something nearly it because it reduces the value of my home. How can I notify her insurance company so she have to maintain the outside of her home?
First, their insurance company is private information and none of your business. Second, insurance companies do not police "home keep."

If you think there is a zoning or "nuisance" problem, contact your city/county code enforcement department.
Unless you ask her what is the name of her insurance company, cant do. Also the problems you stated may not even do anything almost her insurance, since if she files a claim they will see prior damages and deduct value on her claim or could deny it.

Have you considered the reality your neighbor cannot afford to take care of? In this reduction, many people hold lost homes due to foreclosure since they cant afford their mortgage or have lost their job.

What you hold is something that is unsightly, but say partially of your neighborhood was in foreclosure and it have happened, then you would emphatically have a problem with the utility of your home, since the value of your home with so masses foreclosures would definitely impact your value much more than an unsightly home.
You ask her who her insurance is with so you can call for them.

There is no public database with this information. Source(s): Insurance Adjuster
Don't quite know where you live, but within these parts, Homeowner Insurance Companies do not provide home maintenance contracts to insured a properties maintenance -- any more than Automobile Insurance companies will replace a convertable top or a contemporary shiny paint job to your sports car because yours is worn out.

Listen to your cross-question. Do you realize how much Homeowner's Insurance premiums would cost if the insurance companies were responsible for unpainted surfaces??

Funny question, appreciation for the laugh.
Maybe you should gossip to your neighbor about it maybe here is a reason my he or she isn't able to fix those problems it take my husband a little longer to mow the lawn since he works in the order of 50 hours a week and I can't do it because im pregnant so that is why it doesn't get done. Also if nearby is a problem maybe see if they can buy the stuff and you can help them fix it if it's that big of a operate. Then if neither of those work contact the city. If I was your neighbor I wouldn't give you that information if you phone up the city they will come look at it and send her a letter to take it fixed.
Here is one approach, which does not even involve the insurance company:

1) Put on some old clothes, pick up a paint brush and possibly som rags.

2) Go to your neighbors door, ring the bell and, when she open the door, say

2) Hi neighbor, I'd love to assist you in any channel I can to fix your house.

You'll get a happy neighbor, and possibly add to the value of both your houses.

Have a nice day
First. Before you do anything, are you sure that your house looks perfect? If not, resign from it alone.
- I once had a neighbor ask if I wanted abet purchasing curtains. Yes, I needed curtains but curtains are hard to pick out. That neighbor's house needed roof, lawn and paint work.

I don't contemplate calling the insurance company will do anything. Instead you should contact the city. They probably have a department that is responsible for making sure properties are maintain.
You can't. They won't give somebody a lift a report from you. They won't talk to you, and they won't act on your information.

They won't brand name her maintain the outside of her home - all they can do is go against her coverage.

Best off talking to the local building inspector.

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