What does 100,000 300,000 coverage expect for auto insurance?

Does that mean 100,000 per person injured? 300,000 max per calamity?
that's the maximum amount they will reimburse for each accident you hold,, this means anything over this amount you have to payment,but i don't think you,ll have to verbs about it,,the maximum is very seldom ever be over,,actually that's pretty good insurance you get there,,it pays a high amount,,and that's concrete good for you,,good luck i hope this facilitate,s. Source(s): been a certified mechanic for 36 y rs.
$100,000 for respectively person/$300,000 for each accident - maximum payout your insurance company will rate to an accident victim.
Hope this help! Source(s): My insurance paperwork - same coverage
If those are your limits it means 100k per personality and a max of 300k per occurrence. So if more than one person be injured, let's say 4 people, the most one personage can get is 100k, and the most the insurance will pay is 300k combined for everyone, near no single person getting more than 100k. Source(s): claims person
Those are your liability boundaries. It's 100,000 each person, beside a maximum of 300,000 for the policy period.

That's paid to the other party. It's basically to cover if you get sued for damages/injuries.
Personal Injury Protection 100000 per person 300000 per accident

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