Insurance Check - Made Out to Me and Auto Body Shop?

I read a few answered questions here. I got my motor hit and couldn't find the title to my car, so instead of making the check straight to me, they put the auto body shop's name on it as all right. It was made out to me and the auto body shop. The bank isn't supposed to lug it obviously, but I got mine to deposit it. I'm crossing my fingers and waiting to see what happen. What are the chances I will get the money and the ridge will not catch the error? I've heard of this arranged before to people near no problem. If worse comes to worse, I can send them a copy of the title and then I procure a check made out straight to me. I can then either procure my car fixed or choose to pay bad my credit card debt with the money. I have a hunch I will get some responses saying it's against the law to not get my car fixed. Actually, it's not; I can do doesn`t matter what I'd like with the insurance proceeds as long as my saloon is paid off. (Which it is.) Any dune personnel input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!! =)
I'm not a bank employee, but I own had a similar experience. I had to commend the check and then give it to the body shop. I did bring my car fixed and the body shop reimbursed me the difference of the actual amount and the original estimate. I'm not sure who your insurance company is, but you should hold called them and told them you wanted the check made out directly to you because you be considering a different repair shop. If the check is returned to you uncashed - call your insurance company and tell them that.
This is roughly done only if there is a lien holder on the vehicle. The check should hold been made out only to you.
I would walk into the bank and ask them rather than assume that they will not consideration the payee(s) on the check.
If the car is paid for you can do anything beside the money you wish ... it is NOT iillegal. Now that the check is made out to both there are some things you can do.... return with the car repaired, sign the check and give it to them....shift to the shop and have them sign the check and deposit/cash the check... or sign the check for the body shop (not llegal, but the body shop is the only ones you enjoy to worry about and the merely ones who will/can get you in trouble) sign your first name and then deposit/cash the check. Now I'll get thumbs down from the know it alls... but I enjoy done all three with checks and it can be done.
Eventhough your edge deposited it, it is a likely chance that the paying wall on the check will return the check. 9 out of 10 it will be returned to your account and a legal copy of the check will be sent to you thru the correspondence. Eventhough your bank may have given you credit for the item, please do not use the funds. It will be returned b/c it be not properly endorsed. You will need the body shop to stamp and endorse the copy that be sent to you, then you can do with it doesn`t matter what you like. Source(s): Working in bank for over 10 yrs.

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